Information and questions about sending your items through the Pallet Expert System

It's quick and easy to send with Pallet Expert

Sending your pallet with us is very easy. Once you get your quote and book your order, we will instruct the depot nearest to the collection spot to collect your pallet. Once collected, the pallet will be taken back to the depot, and a bar coded thermal label will be applied. Your consignment will then be  dispatched the same evening to the national pallet hub.

The pallet will then be trans-shipped onto a connecting trunk vehicle and delivered the next morning (if applicable). Premium deliveries will be sent out immediately, but economy deliveries may be collected on day 2, but will be serviced on day 3.

Pallet Consignments must be appropriately entered and packed in line with the following requirements

Failure to comply with these standards is highly likely to result in refusal of the pallet collection, and may incur excess surcharges. Or, if the pallet is accepted and there is any damage to your products while in transit, insurance coverage may be reduced or refused.

Requirements for processing of your Pallet order

  1. Enter the correct postcodes and contact details
  2. Enter the correct pallet size for your goods
  3. Note your collection and delivery date and arrange to be in when we arrive
  4. Maximum weight for a tail-lift is 1000 kg
  5. Pallet must be a on firm flat ground Concrete/tarmac in order for us to collect it successfully

Pallet Collection Information

This section refers to general information about the pallet collection on the day.

Please note that if the driver arrives at your premises for collection and no one is in, a failed collection charge of £20 will be payable before we can re-collect.


Your timed Pallet Delivery Options

Next Day Premium Delivery

Next Day delivery will be made the following working day after collection. This service is available to the majority of mainland UK (excluding the Scottish Highlands)

AM Delivery

(Delivered before 12:00 pm)

Timed Delivery

(You specify the time slot in which you want your pallet(s) to be delivered, ideal for booked-in consignments and/or added convenience)

Saturday Delivery

(Delivered before 12:00 pm on a Saturday) Please note that we are unable to give approximate collection/delivery times for consignments on a standard Next Day service.

Evening Delivery

(Delivered between (17:00 and 21:00)

Normal delivery hours are 9 am to 5 pm, Monday – Friday.


Economy consignments will be picked up in two working days and delivered within three working days from the date of the order. This service is available in the entire United Kingdom as well as the Republic of Ireland. Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Please keep in mind that we are unable to provide approximate collection/delivery dates or times for Economy service consignments.

Economy (Specified Day)

You can pick a desired day of collection as any date on or after the second working day following the placement of your economy order. Any date on or after the third working day following collection can also be entered as a preferred delivery date. When placing the order, these details are simply entered into the additional information section on the form.

While our basic Economy service is speedier, the 'Specified Day Economy' option is appropriate if you wish to have set collection/delivery dates. There is no pricing difference between the two solutions.

Tail Lift Service

For a tail lift delivery or collection, the maximum weight is 1000kg. All deliveries are made using a tail lift service by default when placing any order. If you do not want a tail lift, please let us know throughout the ordering process.

To use our tail lift service to collect or deliver a pallet, the pallet base must be a four-way standard pallet; we cannot collect two-way pallets.

Our tail-lift service is excellent for residential addresses and businesses without a fork-lift truck to load and unload palletized items. When a tail-lift is required, the vehicle is outfitted with a pallet truck (a manually controlled hydraulic lifting trolley) that raises the pallet a few inches off the ground.

Our Supplied Pallet Service

We can provide an empty pallet on collection for an extra £25 + VAT.

Prior to pickup, the goods must be carefully wrapped and safeguarded on the pallet.

Note: We cannot package any products for transportation; we can only set the item(s) on a pallet foundation and shrink-wrap them.

Damage to goods that are not adequately packaged or protected for shipping may be excluded from our insurance coverage. If the collection driver believes that the item is inappropriate or unsafe for transport, he has the option to reject collection.

Oversize Pallets

For standard pallet dimensions. We can ship pallets that are larger than typical dimensions or include overhanging products. These, on the other hand, are charged per pallet space or portion thereof. Please enter the number of pallet spaces as if they were distinct pallets and specify "1 x Oversize" in the further info' box below the collecting address to process such a consignment. Oversized pallets will not be gathered unless this information is provided.

Packaging Advice

Whilst every care is taken to ensure the safety of your items whist in transit, accidents can happen.

To minimise the risk of damage, you are strongly advised to package your items safely using appropraite amounts of protective packaging such as bubblewrap, shrinkwrap or polychips. Any damage that is found to be as a result of inadequate packaging may not be covered by our insurance.

Key tips:

  • Ensure that all items are securely packaged.
  • Use high-quality packaging materials, but avoid overpacking as it can make unpacking difficult and lead to damage.
  • If your item is fragile, has a polished finish, or where the finish is important to the item, make sure that it is well-padded and placed as far away from the outside edge of the pallet as possible to prevent damage.
  • Remove all lubricants from items such as engines and gearboxes.
  • Seal all containers containing liquids before palletizing.
  • Do not send fragile items loose in boxes. Always ensure that these are individually wrapped and extra filler protection is used in the box. Remember, if it’s loose, it can break.
  • Load and secure your item/s to the pallet using strong quality materials such as banding, rope, and shrink-wrap to cope with the movement of fork and pallet trucks as well as trunking. Keep in mind that your pallet will be loaded at least 4 times before it reaches its destination.
  • Avoid using undersized pallets. If your goods are overhanging the edges, there is more risk of damage, and your goods may not be covered by the carrier’s insurance.