Sending high value or fragile items across the UK 

Sending high value large or bulky items is often a problem, as couriers are often not willing to take these larger items, or those which have special handling requirements or require special loading/unloading. This is where a pallet courier can help, as the items are loaded onto the pallet which is lifted by pallet trucks, and therefore makes handling easier and safer.

This of course requires special organisation and specific trucks which cater for pallets. At Pallet expert we provide only pallet services and nothing else. We utilise the palletways network to get your consignment from collection to your delivery point.

The problems with Fragile or High Value Goods

As you are shipping items of high importance, the insurance that covers regular courier services often isn't enough. The procedures in place for ensuring safe transport are also often lacking. This is where pallet shipping is an option to you.

However, before you commit to sending and before you place your order with us, there are several things (such as fragile items) that you need to be aware of.

The following delicate products can be insured against loss but not against damage. Our pallet packing requirements must be followed when packaging them.