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Prohibited and Unsuitable Items

Regrettably, there are certain items we are unable to ship.  This is because of legal and safety reasons.  Some of these are prohibited items, some are simply unsuitable.  More information can be found in the following lists.  We do hope that you understand and do not try to send any of the listed items with our services, however.  Attempts to send these items may result in refusal to collect and a possible charge.

Note: If you are returning items to a company because they are faulty, damaged or unwanted please note that UK Pallets takes no responsibility for the returned condition unless provided with proof of transit damage.

Dangerous Goods

The following prohibited items cannot be shipped because they may contain dangerous or hazardous materials and items that are a known risk to people or environments.

  • Weapons, for instance, firearms, swords and knives
  • Household removals
  • Explosives (Fireworks, sparklers, munitions: war materials and ammunition)
  • Items containing small amounts of explosive (Christmas crackers)
  • Flammable solids (Matches and firelighters)
  • Flammable liquids, for instance, alcohol that is more than 24% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) and especially more than 70% ABV
  • Items containing flammable liquids, for example, perfumes (alcohol), paint strippers and nail varnish remover (solvents)
  • Gases (Aerosols and camping gas cylinders)
  • Corrosive substances (Battery acid and drain cleaner)
  • Toxic and infectious substances (Pesticides, weed killers and poisons)
  • Oxidising substances and organic peroxides (bleaching agents)
  • Radioactive material, for example, smoke alarms and luminous dials (found on watches, alarm clocks etc.)
  • Lithium batteries, including those in battery operated toys and in laptops
  • Car batteries
  • Fire extinguishers

Unauthorised Goods

The following items cannot be shipped because they are likely to contain illegal goods and items that can be deemed dangerous.

  • Human remains (except for ashes)
  • Animal parts, skins or furs
  • Ivory or ivory products
  • Bloods
  • Illegal drugs
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Tobacco and tobacco products
  • Pornographic material (to some countries)
  • Leather goods (to some countries)

Leakable Goods

The following items cannot be shipped because they are a known risk for leakage or contamination to people, environments or other items in a shipment.

  • Hazardous Liquids
  • Adhesives
  • Paints
  • Engines, generators or other mechanical parts that have contained oil unless completely flushed out and dried.  Couriers will need access to the dipstick and if any oil is present, the engine will not be collected

Live Animals

Live animals will only be considered for movement on a bespoke animal transportation service.