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Pallet Collection Service

If you already have your item ready on a pallet, we offer a simple pallet collection service across the UK

engine strapped to pallet

We operate a full pallet collection service across the UK. We offer pickup and delivery across the UK, with competitive rates. All you need to do is fill out or online quote form as normal making sure that ‘pallet supplied’ is not ticked.

Pallet collection is ideal for small businesses and industry. The reason is that they tend to have their own stock of pallets available. For reduced rates for large orders please contact us.

No Pallet ? No Problem.

If you are sending a delivery from home such as an eBay item, but don’t have a pallet then don’t panic. You can get your own pallet from most local businesses and industrial estates. Often they may offer them for free and are generally happy to let you take them, but if not then we can provide one for you.